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An increasing number of Member from Milltimber has a problem with births in your own home. This results not only on the economic, but also moral. Women in Milltimber prefer to manage career and parenting leave to a later stage of his life. Very often, it turns out that this stage will never come. Women are born afterwards and later. On the other hands, men are afraid from the economic sphere. Today, fewer and fewer people have a steady job for decades. The times where a worker can be employed in one company for life oblivion. Besides, both Grampian women and guys more return on personal development. Better to have one child consciously than the usual few children, which will nam! They destroyed our personal failures. Surely this is bad for children, but from the perspective of your situation births in great britan is difficult. Increasingly, immigrants have a higher birth rate than the native inhabitants. Perhaps it is this nucleus of certain adjustments in society, yet it is not known whether they are excellent or bad. It should be borne as the primary goal that Polish immigrants quickly integrate and turn into natives, whereas immigrants from Muslim places and in Africa anymore. In the long-term, this may cause several political consequences and meaningful. Already in one metropolis for mayor selected immigrant, so anything is probable. Scientists argue about the effects of which will result in the cultural change. It is worth mentioning a large number of immigrants come to the British Isles due to social grants in Milltimber and loans on the State for single moms and families. Therefore, a lot of people cheating on the status and so, even though they are usually in a marriage in this papers included as a single person, which results in increased grants on the State, and the opportunity for a non-refundable credit to acquire a home.