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This is another financial product which is used by most companies. Are usually leased cars, but also agricultural machinery, medical devices, and other equipment. Leasing entity who enlisted in Stornoway a particular thing is not the owner, but the bank or company that provides leasing. Taking a car loan is not workable idea, because it is a consumer loan. The value of the car decreases every year, and mortgage payments are the same. It is worth noting that the interest-bearing loans are usually higher than inflation, so the point is not viable economically. To this should be added the costs of maintaining a car, because the bank is in such a case the property and must be properly serviced at appropriate points, and as you know, these are the most expensive compared to local mechanics. Typically, after payment of all installments of the lease item becomes the property of the person who took out a lease. In Stornoway there is a lot of companies offering leasing, and if necessary, you can visit in the office, or even your home. The downside leases are legal restrictions, because the bank is owned by eg. Car or an agricultural machine until it is paid by the customer. Consumer loan for a car (leasing), boat or anything is unprofitable. Only mortgage when we do not have a place to live and we cannot wait a few years to accumulate cash is a good option. After all, any loan is voluntary and no one forbids people to save and take loans. This is completely voluntary and is not subject to discussion. People have free will and are doing so that it is the best. If someone cannot afford the current car, the loan installment can sink it, especially when a customer of the bank is not aware of the fact that the interest rate can change, as well as the exchange rate, because some customers have a loan based on the currency of another country. It is worth remembering these boards, so as not to become a prey to the bankers, who use various tricks to allow us to draw money from the pockets of the banks customers. Legal Tricks affect the real cost of the lease, and sometimes more profitable to take out a loan for a specific purpose. Should be provided for all the pros and cons, because the downside are the legal restrictions, eg. Car must be serviced in accordance with the instructions, just as agricultural machine. Therefore, the worse fix on our own car, because you have everything documented, which is also a cost for us (connector and larger amount for the service). In Stornoway many companies incur transportation leasing of cars, which are very expensive.