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The state intervenes throughout the economy through subsidized loans. Of course, such loans are covered by certain rules that will not every person from Stornoway () has the capacity to take them. Frequently loans subsidized by the State concerned of the exact property. Loans for Young Marriage from Outer Hebrides years of data were utilized on a pause until the loan installments where the property is ready. Of course, today there are in addition such offers, but they are unfavorable and quite a few borrowers prefer to fork out installments immediately. In some situations, it is difficult to realize, because young people need to live somewhere in among, and you have to repay installments. In conjunction with the rent may be quite a lot of money and not everyone have enough money such expenses. Are you well I will be doing that interferes together with loans for Couples Fresh? Certainly there is several pro family policy, but not quite. You need someone to take and, paradoxically first service with this institution is the even worse option than to leave inside the pockets of the taxpayers with this amount. Of course, another downside is the belief that the real estate market due to artificial subsidy may be disturbed and overlook all interested persons besides the construction companies and government entities. Any form of redistribution is bad for the ordinary citizen, because the money is usually moved from profitable as well as productive industries to consumer spending or less successful. From the point regarding view of short-term credit policy is good, but in the long run brings a lot of minuses. Of course, not everything can always be converted, sometimes people more appreciate such. Privacy and are willing to take a loan rather than save. You, from our point regarding view, it should not interfere inside the affairs of the economic climate, because countries that will not interfere with the earth's fastest growing economy. Paradoxically, China, which is a Participant communist their economy is usually more free market than most countries in the european union. The free market has many benefits ultimately time, but the current sort of government are not conducive to long-term policy, because the governments phrase lasts four years, so the credit policy is best suited for such forms regarding government. Of course, the effect of this kind of policy are recurring crises and also the acquisition of real property by banks in Stornoway, which nobody wants to purchase, and other strange flaws economy. As we can notice pro family policy seems negative, and borrowing money costs us a lot. The precursor of the credit policy was Keynes, who argued that so that you can stimulate the economy should start the method of lending. Of course, this theory has been recently disproved by example. Mit broken window, where Keynes argued that will destroyed the glass brings the advantages of the economy. Keynes had forgotten that will, if the seller doesn't need to replace the broken window within a shop window, you could buy something different and the balance will be positive, not negative!